Endorsements of Gerald


info“I've had the pleasure on knowing Gerald for 15 years, and worked with him in numerous professional capacities at several different companies. Gerald is a strategic and thought provoking leader that understands how to build teams and help them to perform at their optimum. He understands the importance and is able to build effective relationships with business partners in and out of the organization. He is a subject matter expert in the Technology field as well as a highly proficient operations generalist. He is unwaivering in his commitment to delivering customers with a world-class experience.” - June 23, 2008

Mike Wilson, VP - Customer Service, Cooking.com, Inc. worked with Gerald at Cooking.com, Inc.

info“Gerald is one of those unique IT professionals that has a deep understanding of existing technology, a curiosity about emerging technology, and enough business savvy to know which will meet the needs of the business. As the CTO of an ecommerce pioneer, Gerald (and his team) built, ran, and managed an industry leading ecommerce platform at a time when there were no components or add-ons available from third parties. More important, the biggest testament to Gerald is that from 1998 to 2008 as myriad third party solutions emerged; most of them could not outperform the cost/performance of Cooking.com's internally developed platform. Gerald is an invaluable asset to any company interested in doing business on the internet.” - June 8, 2008

Hank Wilson, VP, Business Development, Cooking.com, Inc.
worked with Gerald at Cooking.com, Inc.

info““Gerald is an extraordinary Technology and business professional. I have worked with Gerald for 9 years and so much of Cooking.com's success is due directly to his expertise, knowledge and personnel management. Gerald is more than a CTO. Gerald is a stellar business person with exceptional insight. He understands the complexity of all areas of operations and how to maximize resources to achieve results. Over the years, I have been especially impressed with Gerald's leadership skills which is clearly demonstrated by the loyalty of his team. I would recommend Gerald for any leadership position without hesitation.” - June 5, 2008

Laura Shaff, VP Finance & Administration, Cooking.com
worked with Gerald at Cooking.com, Inc.

info“I’ve known Gerald since the very beginning days of Cooking.com in 1998. My background prior to Cooking was traditional brick-and-mortar and catalog retailing. Ecommerce, being entirely new to me, presented some early challenges of the technical understanding and I frequently felt a ‘language’ barrier between my ‘merchant’ voice and the voices of the development and programming teams. In those early days, Gerald was always able to bridge any communication gaps and quickly and patiently educate me. Over the years, his tutoring and mentoring enabled me to more effectively communicate business needs as well as my vision and point-of-view for Cooking.com and StarbucksStore.com development projects. I’m continually impressed by Gerald’s management style. He is an amazing leader and highly adept in recruiting, retaining and motivating strong talent. Gerald has become a trusted advisor on wide range of business topics from technology and operations to merchandising and marketing. Any questions I’ve ever had, Gerald has always been the ‘go-to guy’. He is a true expert in his field. He’s always up to date on the latest products, services and best-practices enabling him to make qualified recommendations. Gerald communicates quickly and always goes above and beyond his call to duty.” - May 30, 2008

Matthew Bunn, VP Merchandising, Cooking.com, Inc.
worked indirectly for Gerald at Cooking.com, Inc.

info“I've known Gerald since the early days of Cooking when they were still in the Pasadena Incubator. Gerald grew an amazing team over the years and overcame a major obstacle in the recession and dot com implosion between 2001-2004. It is a major accomplishment for both Gerald and the team that Cooking has serviced the amount of transactions through their eCommerce site with the team size that they have had. Gerald is a top notch technology startup executive.” - August 24, 2007

Felix Lin, President, Pinpoint Resource Group
was a consultant or contractor to Gerald at Cooking.com, Inc.